Players: 3 500 000+
Genre: Turn-based/CCG
Languages: English, German, French, Japanese
Platform: Browser/Unity


Become the fearless warrior revered by your loyal harem of sex-crazed babes. Enter a wild universe where fantasy erotica meets fun turn-based gameplay. Defeat ugly monsters in fun turn-based battles and collect the horniest hentai maidens in the land, who are ready to uncover you their most intimate and filthy desires. Create the mightiest harem of this oversexed world and enjoy tons of uncensored juicy hentai content, racy dialogs, lewd illustrations and kinkiest characters that will make your imagination go wild.


Built around completely uncensored hentai art, Cunt Wars is a racy game designed to titillate. Featuring the hottest anime girls pulled from the dirtiest dreams, this game is sure to get pulses racing. Collect a card based harem and send anime chicks forward to do battle with the enemy as they show off their goods on fully illustrated and all color cards. Cunt Wars is a game sure to entice fans of Hentai and Anime babes, and will keep them hooked with out of the world gameplay.


Character - Bunny Girl

Bunny Girl

Character - Driada


Character - Cat


Character - Darknage


Are you ready?

In addition to all CuntWars is a Free-to-Play adult browser game


Horny anime girls do battle with monstrous enemies in a deck building browser based free game. Play as Adam, a white haired horny hero with a scar along his face and a sword in his hand! He commands an army of sexy babes in various stages of undress. In his quest to get laid, a horrific league of monsters are out to spoil his fun. As the beasts make a stand against Adam, the hero calls forth his harem to go forth and battle. Archers stand proud and topless with their arrows ready to fly, while cat girl warriors with furry ears and their tails arched to show off their asses take the fight directly to the monsters, swinging deadly swords. That’s just a taste of the sensual warriors Adam can command, and as the game progresses more and more cards are unlocked, where new battle ready babes expose themselves, and add their talents to the warrior’s roster! As the game progresses, the enemies grow stronger and stronger, and it’s up to Adam to lead his team to victory!


Cunt Wars is an easy to learn game with a ton of depth. While the focus is on sexy babes, the gameplay has not been ignored. A player will build a custom deck of female anime warriors, each with corresponding artwork showcasing all of their best assets, and gain new cards after each successful round. Each round features a main monster to best, who has an army of ghoulish creatures of his own. As each side places their warriors on a battlefield made of grids, the gameplay takes over, letting arrows fly and swords clang as friend and foe meet. Victory brings rewards in the form of special perks, and new cards to add to your collection. Spicing up the gameplay are special abilities, some being presented by the enemies.

Cunt wars - Game play 3
Cunt wars - Game play 2

Adam and his sexy warriors will come across bad guys who can shield themselves, strengthen their attacks, or use a number of other abilities waiting to be uncovered as the game goes on. With witty banter between Adam, his harem, and the enemies, a fun and sexy plot line emerges. The battlefield is fully animated, with played female warriors swaying their hips seductively, and gruesome enemies beating their wings and shaking their claws. With each warrior showing off her goods, there’s plenty of T and A to keep any gamer intrigued.

Cunt wars - Game play 4
Cunt wars - Game play 4

Key Features:

  • Deck Building Excitement
  • Turn Based Battles
  • Fully Animated Warriors and Enemies
  • Grid Battle Field
  • Easy to Follow Tutorial
  • Plenty of Fully Nude Hentai to Get the Cum Flowing